Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant: first labours!

After our 20th anniversary celebrations at Hercules Trophy Mechelen, we can’t wait to once again bring the party to Leuven. Because in six weeks – on the 28th of September – there’s the Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant. This edition will be organised together with VOKA- Kamer van Koophandel Vlaams-Brabant in the Provinciedomein of Kessel-lo. Prepare yourselves to face the great teams of Ninatrans, IMEC, UCLL, Business Markers, Easylife, JAVA Coffee, Datacamp and many more.

The most Herculean intern ever: Thomas!

Being the youngest Herculean, Thomas’ career is (yet) somewhat nonexistent. He’s a business management graduate from UCLL with a wide array of interests, ranging from economics to philosophy and from music to motion pictures. Don’t be fooled by his age though, for Thomas’ isn’t your typical 22 year old and would rather entertain a lively…