Crowdfunding: let’s bring Belgium in the lead

Belgium is one of the least mature of the developed markets when it comes to Crowdfunding. USA, UK, FR, GE and NL are leading the pack (with 63% globally). And guess what: the French part in Belgium is doing better than the Flemish. A typical reaction would be: “You must be crazy to go for crowdfunding then”….

Live Crowdfunding with MyMicroInvest

Yesterday, I was invited to an energizing live crowdfunding event “Magic 5”, powered by MyMicroInvest, in the beautiful city of Ghent. Did you know that: MyMicroInvest is building one of the largest equity and loan-based crowdfunding platforms for start-ups, scale-ups (like ourselves) and professional investors in Europe? We are preparing our next investment round of 1,5…