Customer delight thanks to employee engagement, not the other way around.

A lot of organisations are already familiar with the customer-service tool ‘Net Promotor Score (NPS)’. More and more companies use this indicator to examine customer loyalty and the extent to which customers would recommend their company to others. Additionally, it connects the customer feedback with the right people within the organisation. Afterwards, they proudly present the results of the level of customer loyalty with their audience. In this way, they think it brings them full circle, but they overlook the fact that this circle actually begins internally. Yes, with your own workforce.

Case Study: High performing teams at ABN AMRO

The challenge In 2014, bank ABN AMRO went through a major restructuring phase, had a high burn-out rate among its employees and challenges with employee engagement scores. They also suffered from a negative perception by many of their customers. They created an internal Energy Program to tackle these issues and were looking for a trusted partner…