Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant: first labours!

After our 20th anniversary celebrations at Hercules Trophy Mechelen, we can’t wait to once again bring the party to Leuven. Because in six weeks – on the 28th of September – there’s the Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant. This edition will be organised together with VOKA- Kamer van Koophandel Vlaams-Brabant in the Provinciedomein of Kessel-lo. Prepare yourselves to face the great teams of Ninatrans, IMEC, UCLL, Business Markers, Easylife, JAVA Coffee, Datacamp and many more.

The next challenges are all about ponies, balls and obstacles

We’ve only just announced the first three Herculean labours, and here are the following three already! So if you didn’t find your piece of cake yet in the Telenet Business Sky Climb, Lazer Clay Shooting or the Suzuki Swift Reverse Driving, then you certainly will now. And whether you’re participating in Antwerp, Mechelen or Leuven:…

3rd Herculean Labour: Suzuki Swift Reverse Driving!

And now, here it is: the third labour for the Hercules Trophy 2018! And again, it’s a great one: Suzuki Swift Reverse Driving. Together with your, temporarily, not-suitable-to-drive friends, we challenge you to drive a flawless backward route in a brand new Suzuki Swift. The compact size of this car will certainly help you there….

Second Herculean labour Belgium 2018

“There is no excellence in archery without great labour”, Maurice Thompson once said. And great labour is what the Hercules Trophy is all about! Besides: It’s 2018, you can pick up a laser gun as well to prove your steady hand and hawk-eye? At least if you participate in the Hercules Trophy in Antwerp, Mechelen…

1st Herculean labour: Telenet Business Sky Climb

“Life is to those who dare.” And if consider yourself as an audacious person, we have great news for you. The first official Herculean Labour for Belgium 2018 is “hors catégorie”: the Sky Climb, sponsored by Telenet Business! What to expect? A huge construction (about 60 m to be precise) with rope ladders. To reach…