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“We want to bring all the employees of one department together as they all work at customer premises and don’t really know each other. They are all high performers. If everyone gets to know 10 other people during the day, it’s a massive success for us.” A very clear briefing from Sven, one of the…

4 compelling reasons to implement Corporate Wellbeing now

The success of an organization depends heavily on the work performance and productivity of its human resources. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is supported by Corporate Wellbeing Programs. The introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results are beneficial for both the employees and the company at large….

11 scary statistics about stress and what to do about it

I came across this infographic made by Officevibe and I suggest that you take a look at it. This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee engagement platform that reduces stress at work while showing the return on investment of a great organizational culture.

People who laugh together work together

Investing in entertainment (or in this case more specifically sportainment) for employees has a direct impact on employee satisfaction within an organization. Recently, in the aftermath of the recent financial and economic recession, employee satisfaction has received more attention from decision makers. When we talk to CEO’s, Marketing Directors and HR professionals from all over…