Hercules Trophy Mechelen 2019: What was all that!?

Last June we organised the 20th edition of the Hercules Trophy Mechelen and we had hoped to create one for the record books. And guess what, we did! It was a party to never forget: wonderful weather, crazy atmosphere, smashing performances but above all: amazing Herculeans.

Breaking: final 3 labours of Hercules Trophy Mechelen!

To complete the package: here are the final 3 labours of the Hercules Trophy Mechelen 2019. It is a tradition to announce that once again our ‘Worldchampionships’ Cxo Petanque will take place at our 20th anniversary of the Trophy. The title of Penultimate labour goes to SUP, one water fanatics will look forward to. And the last one is a true whopper! The brand-new Caterpillar 5 will be a challenge for all teams.

Bakker & Partners goes for HR Excellence

Have you ever heard of Bakker & Partners? It’s a Belgian HR consultancy firm with a personal touch, both for its clients and its candidates. It is their number one goal to bring talent to the right place through passion, integrity, effectiveness and creativity. With nearly 20 years of expertise, it’s safe to say that they’re…

VIP treatment at the Hercules Trophy in Belgium 19, 20 & 21 June

We’re proud to introduce a new concept this year for your C-levels: the CxO VIP.  As from tomorrow, you can book tickets for the CxO VIP pétanque at the Hercules Trophy in the afternoon. We want to welcome your VIP’s in style in our new VIP lounge, together with our partners Versuz, BNI, ABN AMRO…