What is Hercules Academy?

Hercules Academy brings the unique know how of Olympic stars to the Corporate World. The competition is tough out there! Burn out, depression and illness are indications that something goes wrong. Improving corporate wellness – or wellbeing as we call it – will have a massive impact on productivity.

The Herculeans asked us to come with a solution to help them improve corporate wellbeing, the Herculean way. So we did: former Olympians Sabine Appelmans and Serge Haubourdin joined forces with Herculean to create and deliver a unique and holistic programme to become a hero in your own life.

Every module contains the latest training methods, tips and tricks of the topsport world, adapted to the business world. It contains a theoretical background with immediate integration in your own life. It’s fun!

—The best coach is the internal coach. By following the programme you will adapt a healthy mindset and lifestyle and become your own coach. Your performance will improve in no time.


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