Brain foods that help you concentrate (part 2)

There are plenty of foods you can take to improve brain power and concentration levels. This article will provide you with the next 8 foods to help you concentrate and retain brain power for many, many years.

Pink Ladies Games – How it all started

Recently, I’m getting quite some questions on how we came up with the idea of the Pink Ladies Games and why I wanted to do this so badly. Here’s a brief history of how it started.

Avoiding loneliness amongst remote workers

Although employees working remotely or using flexible hours are more grateful to their employers, they often feel indebted to them and this can lead to some employees working non-stop until they break down.

Press release: Duval Union acquires stake in Herculean

Duval Union acquires an important stake in Herculean. Together, both companies will further develop and market the employee engagement platform built by Herculean. They will also join forces to extend the engagement event Hercules Trophy and the CSR programme Pink Ladies Games. Marc Bresseel, Founding Partner at Duval Union, will join the Herculean Board of Directors.

BAM! Here comes the Marketing Trophy

You pitch for awards, we fight for a Trophy. BAM, the Belgian Association of Marketing organises the very first Marketing Trophy, together with Hercules Trophy. On 21st June 2019 all companies or departments related to marketing will be challenged to battle it out during the famous Hercules Trophy. Do you work for an agency, advertiser,…

The link between leadership and sleep

A lot of business leaders admit that they don’t get enough sleep at least four nights a week. A recent article in Harvard Business Review by Nick van Dam (McKinsey) and sleep expert Els van der Helm explores the link between sleep and leadership. It also offers a few solutions to improve both individual well-being and…

Launching well-being programme and new values for Voka

Employee retention is probably one of the biggest challenges HR managers face nowadays. But sometimes pragmatic solutions can pop up just by doing. The Chamber of Commerce in Flemish Brabant (Voka), Belgium, is one of those organisations that understands the value of people. Keeping talented employees by motivating them, cherishing their well-being and stimulate their…

We’re in. How about you?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 1 October 2018: Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) – the flagship fitness initiative by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council launched last year, will now return on 26 October and run for a full 30 days through…

Are you a Pink Lady? 12 reasons why you should become one!

The Pink Ladies Games support Pink Caravan to raise awareness on breast cancer in the UAE. We also inspire women to lead a more active lifestyle and are one of the initiatives during the Dubai Fitness Challenge. For Active Women Who Care. 12 reasons why should you join Because it’s a team effort Because it’s ladies…