Midsummer After-work @ Nekker Beach

Friday June 21st will mark the start of the legendary Hercules Trophy! This year the sports festival for corporates will turn 20 and that’s a milestone! In honor of this event we are going to make it the biggest party in Herculean history. The BAM Marketing Trophy, Pink Ladies Games and VTM Kids Trophy will be added on Sunday 23rd June as well! So we won’t have to tell you it’s going to be a weekend filled with fun and festivities.

And we have something special for or the hard workers who can’t participate in the competition: the Midsummer Afterwork party @ Hercules Trophy 2019.

We feel you: with the first ray of sun, the summer vibes begin to awaken and the need for a bite and a drink (or even a party as well) after work, together with friends and colleagues becomes greater. The best way to deal with these vibes is to tackle it right away, with the Midsummer Afterwork party at the Hercules Trophy! Drinks? Check! Delicious BBQ? Check! 90’s moment? Check! Chance at an epic party? DOUBLE CHECK!

The doors of the Afterwork open from 5 pm. At 6 pm we will go wild together with local legend Willy Sommers. At 9 pm Cookies & Cream will complete the party to be followed up by our resident DJ’s to set the roof on fire until the late hours. At the beach of The Nekker in Mechelen you will be able to enjoy a wonderful summer evening!l Info and tickets on our website.

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