Are you a Pink Lady? 12 reasons why you should become one!

The Pink Ladies Games support Pink Caravan to raise awareness on breast cancer in the UAE. We also inspire women to lead a more active lifestyle and are one of the initiatives during the Dubai Fitness Challenge. For Active Women Who Care.

12 reasons why should you join

  1. Because it’s a team effort
  2. Because it’s ladies only
  3. Because you can participate with friends, colleagues or family
  4. Because it’s a great Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project for your company
  5. Because you will do 6 “battles” on a few hours against other teams
  6. Because the atmosphere is just amazing
  7. Because thousands of ladies and hundreds of teams have done it before
  8. Because the venue is beautiful
  9. Because you support the breast cancer awareness organisation Pink Caravan
  10. Because it’s part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge
  11. Because it’s the third edition in the UAE and 3 is a magic number 🙂
  12. Because pink is an attitude!

When is it and where to subscribe?

Are you a Pink Lady?

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