What do you mean: women can’t park? Our latest Pink Ladies battle

Over the past few years, our Pink Ladies have crushed a lot of prejudices. Towing trucks, changing tyres,… The participating ladies from 2016 and 2017 all passed with flying colours!

This year our participants will amaze you again! It’s their time to shine at the Suzuki Swift Car Park Battle. Show your amazing parking skills and make all these men go silent.


You’ll get a brand new Suzuki Swift for this challenge, the car is equipped with all Suzuki Swift interior-technological (parking-)gadgets you can imagine. With the help of your team members, you will park that car backwards in no time. Sounds pretty easy, no?
But there will be a catch to it. get out your comfort zone:  No battle without a challenge.

Do you feel an urgent need to prove that women are super drivers, and on top of that experience an unforgettable day with your friends or colleagues? Register for Antwerp, Roeselare, Mechelen, De Panne, Westende, Geel, Gent or Leuven.

Eat this, guys!

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