Nextel NForce Challenge

Nextel, ICT integrator with over 300 employees and 47mil EUR revenu, asked us to organise the Nforce Challenge.

Nextel is known for a strong HR approach that focusses on talent aquisition and stimulation of collaboration between departments, teams and individuals.

Nextel NFORCE Challenge

The program aimed to enforce Nextel’s corporate culture, reward employees and improve teamwork. A branded event website on the Herculean platform ensured a smooth communication before the event. Everyone arrived well-prepared!

The perfect mix of 7 challenges with a high fun factor were organised during one afternoon. A complete Nextel village was built, including DJ and MC. We even included a Haka initiation which resulted in a very powerful group experience.


After the Haka, we organised an award ceremony, a BBQ and a smashing after-party with Nextel’s resident DJ!

Nextel NFORCE Challenge

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