Herculean crew member & intern: Valerie

Just like Reinaart, Valerie (the girl with the curly hair on the left side of the picture) made it from crew member to intern at Herculean. It’s a pleasure to have her in our team. But what does she have to say about working at Herculean? Here are her thoughts:

“When I first joined the Hercules Trophy crew, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I heard from a friend of mine that they were looking for crew, so I signed up because it sounded like fun. I started 2 years ago at the Hercules Trophy Mechelen as a monitor of the Flip It, and I absolutely loved it. On my first day I already made lots of new friends and I had a great time helping all the teams with their challenges.
When I came back the second year, I had already been looking forward to the Hercules Trophy for weeks. I already knew a lot of people and I was very excited to see them again and get back into the great atmosphere of the Hercules trophy. This time, I was assigned to the hospitality crew, which was not at all like being a monitor at one of the challenges, but just as fun!

I got to know even more people during those 3 days and learned a lot more about the organization of the Hercules Trophy. When I started college, I applied for an internship at Herculean. My new colleagues involved me in the organisation of the Fifthplay’s company team day and also took me to the annual Festival and events Fair, because they wanted me to get to know the events sector. I absolutely loved it. As a student in Event & Project Management, it was right up my alley and it’s a lot of variation!

Later on, I made my own evaluation of the day and got to help with several other parts of the organization. I’m a person who loves working together in a healthy environment, I felt like coming home. I also discovered my Personality Type and guess what: I’m a number 2!

I’m deeply interested in how small and large scale events are being organized and I realized that I can and have to learn so much more about it when I first started working here. From that very first day I joined the Hercules Trophy crew, I knew that it’s a great place to work, where you get to enjoy days full of fun!

Are you interested in working as an intern at Herculean too, or would you like to be part of the team at one or more of our events? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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