Herculean Advisory Board: Wim Vochten!

Wim Vochten is founder of XPlusConsultants, one of the fastest growing European leading management consulting firms providing services and solutions in enterprise architecture, strategy, digital, technology, program and change management.

With main markets as Belgium, Luxembourg, France and The Netherlands, we combine in-depth knowledge of enterprise strategic and operational levers and scalable agile delivery frameworks to assist organizations in defining and implementing opportunities for value creation in the areas of IT and business strategy, business performance management and business & IT transformation.Our mission is clear. We select carefully the right people and the right client programs and bring them together to unlock insight, challenge established thinking and drive the transformation.

Wim is a true believer of Herculean because motivating people through challenging games intensifies peopleโ€™s company commitment.

Wim joined several international Hercules Trophy editions ranging from Dubai, New York and Belgium Mechelen. He also joined the Herculean Entrepreneurs missions to Dubai and New York together with about 20 CEOโ€™s. Wim contributes in the Herculean Advisory Board since September 2016.


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