How to get the most out of Sponsoring at a Corporate Team event.

The Daman Hercules Trophy in the UAE encourages each partner to get the most out of their sponsorship be giving an unforgettable experience, association as well as memorable branding for all participating companies to  remember. It truly is a perfect way to engage your brand with a community of active fans.

The Hercules Trophy teambuilding and networking event is the ideal opportunity.

Expose your brand to a number of important companies and interact with all your staff and the staff of other companies. It is not a passive experience but a living, breathing involvement that companies will remember and treasure.

Experiential challenges that Hercules Trophy offers gives companies who sponsor the opportunity to tailor make the challenge they offer to work with and show off their brand. They are able to add give-aways and do promotions. Either way all the attendees remember interacting with your brand and having fun alongside your staff.  Examples of meaningful branding and memorable experiences with Hercules Trophy can be seen from the DHL parcel packing and van delivering race or the Abu Dhabi Finance Mortgage challenge with brain teasers to see what your mortgage rate should be. Dutco Scaffolding takes you up their 3d “Dutco Dash” obstacle race showing off exactly what they do.

Daman, the title sponsor promotes with its brand, Active Life through interactive stands promoting all things fit and active. What better message from a Health Insurance company!

Association with Hercules Trophy has by its very nature a positive effect.  Logos on the website, in the press adverts or branding at the event comes from companies who are involved and actively care for the wellbeing of their staff by allowing them to participate understand and grow with one  another.  Our Moto is Come as a Company and Leave as a team”.

Check on the website and let Hercules Trophy tailor make your sponsorship package to involve your staff and have your brand interact with other companies in a way like never before.

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  1. Jane Sloan says:

    I am excited to see my stuff in print…Thank you for the opportunity!!

  2. Inge Van Belle says:

    I created a WordPress account for you, Jane. Because I wanted to give the credit to you.
    I will send you the account details ☺.
    Radio interview on Dubai Eye will be published later today. It’s ready, but I don’t want to publish it immediately after your other article.

    From: Jane Sloan []
    Sent: woensdag 5 oktober 2016 10:17
    To: HERCULEAN, that’s how I feel today ; Lauren Dewhirst ; Joanna Macadie ; Inge Van Belle
    Subject: RE: [New post] How to get the most out of Sponsoring at a Corporate Team event.

    I am excited to see my stuff in print…Thank you for the opportunity!!

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