Hercules Trophy Antwerp: 20 May 2017

This year we launched the very first edition of the Antwerp Hercules Trophy, in collaboration with Voka Kamer van Koophandel Antwerpen-Waasland, the City of Antwerp and Antwerp Giants.

The first edition in the “Centre of the World” was a big hit, so we want to do it again! The new date has been set for 20th May at Park Spoor Noord. The Hercules Village will be at a slightly different location and not at De Loods like in 2016.

This year’s Antwerp Hercules Trophy was won by DEME and the prize was handed out by the Mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever. Click here to find out who else was there.

What to expect in Antwerp in comparison to the Herculean Days in Mechelen? We also welcome visitors and children, but the focus will be on the Hercules Trophy challenge in an urban environment. Up to you to decide what you want to focus on!

For bookings: send us an e-mail on info@herculestrophy.com.

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