Students and business leaders agree: Hercules Trophy is all about teambuilding and networking


Solvay Brussels School sent three student teams to the Hercules Trophy in Antwerp this year. We’ve interviewed one of their teams, Finnovatjes and asked them what their thoughts were on the Hercules Trophy. Their immediate response: “very fun, challenging, plain insane!” The interview below’s in Dutch, here are their translated reactions:

“12 exceptional labours and the gender diversity is terrific”

“Lovely group atmosphere, great people and fantastic activities”

It’s been a truly awesome day and we’ve got to know a ton of new, fun & spontaneous people!

We’ve been feeling the teambuilding spirit throughout the day, from the outset early in the morning, ‘till late in the evening. It’s well worth the effort to participate!

“We’ve gotten to know each other in an entirely different way and we’re enjoying it. It’s definitely unique.”

Steven Ghesquière, CEO of Xtra-Interim, participated in the CEO Pétanque and became the off record world champion while supporting Xtra-Interim’s participating team. When our MC Ben Roelants asked him for a first reaction, this is what he answered: “this is incredible, all of a sudden I’m the world champion CEO pétanque. Fantastic!”


When asked to comment on the event, Mr. Ghesquière states: “it’s amazing. A great atmosphere, working out and laughing together,… unbelievable.”

Ben then asks the CEO why, according to him, every company should participate in the Hercules Trophy. To Steven Ghesquière, it’s clearly all about teambuilding and networking: “firstly, because it brings your employees closer together and secondly, because it enables you to make good contact with lots of other companies. It is a must for every organization!” As it turns out, CEO’s and students aren’t too different after all, as they both value establishing new contacts and strengthening bonds highly. Another thing they can agree on, is that participating in the Hercules Trophy, is more than worth the effort. Here’s Steven Ghesquière’s interview (in Dutch):

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