Flair Games Roeselare

It’s a wrap. The last Flair of the year are over. Done. Schluss.
Or at least, at the moment. After all the positive feedback of participants, sponsors and stakeholders, it seems just normal to do this again next year, in more cities and with even more participants!

How did Roeselare do at the Flair Games? 
After a week of extremely heavy rain and flooding everywhere, we were lucky to have a dry place. There wasn’t a lot of sun, but there was no rain either and this was already a good reason to make it a real party. As expected, Celebrity Hunk Giovanni Kemper wasn’t just a cutie, but also a terrific dancer on stage and an excellent coach to the Coolest Team, The Vabiaantjes. Vabiaantjes is a team that consists of 4 teachers at the local VABI school. How did they win the Coolest Team Competition? By asking their pupils to vote for them…

Who else won?

Here’s the entire ranking. Picture Gallery to be found here.

It’s been an honour for us to work with Flair Magazine. Special thanks to Ingrid Vandergeynst, Evita Bellings and the entire team at Sanoma. We will miss you for sure!

The Flair Games couldn’t have been organized without the support of our partners C&A, Thomas More HighSchool, Stihl, Xtra Interim, Jetairfly, Ford, Sips ‘n Soda, Tao, Violetta Cléry, O2 Run, PartyRent, Spa and Hedgren. Thank you very much. We hope that you have had a huge return. We will get in touch soon.






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