Special programme Red Devils: 18 june, Mechelen

On June 18th, for the first time in our history, Hercules Trophy will adapt the complete planning of the day to watch the match of the Red Devils against Ireland at 3pm…Tous Ensemble!!!

The Hercules challenges will finish early so everybody can watch the game. Even the CxO Pétanque will start early! What better way to support and sing our Belgian Red Devils, in group, to victory, all of this entirely included in your participation fee.

Click here to see the adapted programme.

An amazing village, a massive screen, food, drinks, a secure environment, your colleagues, families, kids and amazing entertainers. What are you waiting for?

Not in a Hercules team? You can only enter if you book your entrance via the Visitor Shop on www.herculestrophy.com. Chances are very low that we will allow extra people at the gate.

“Are we allowed to dress in the Belgian colors?” is like asking “Is the Hercules Trophy the coolest corporate challenge on the planet?”. The answer is….OF COURSE!


Piet Den Boer and friends will give insights during half-time and the teamsnacks will be served. The amazing Hercules after-party will be held afterwards, so that’s one hour extra dancing! What better way to celebrate a victory of our Devils and a fun and sportive day full of challenges, networking and teambuilding.

And if they don’t win??? First of all: THEY WILL. And if not we’ll go crazy anyway, because it’s still Hercules Trophy!




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