What’s cooking in our kitchen?

Partnership Landlopers and Hercules Trophy

Did you know that the catering at Hercules Trophy will be cream of the crop this year? LandLopers (Cargo Zomerbar, Fiskebar, Little Brewers Winter Garden, Bar Neptune, Zaal II at Red Star Line Museum, Little Butcher’s Summer Grill,…) is now the official catering partner in Antwerp and Mechelen.


The Landlopers team is famous for its finest local quality food: the black bastards barbecue with local Flemish beef, chicken with 5 herbs and fennel sausages (own recipe). They also serve organic pork (+12 hours baking), served with summer vegetables from organic farms and fermented garlic mayonnaise. Vegetarians have the choice between 5 different tasty salads. The Barefood ice is delicious and there will also be exquisite cocktails, mocktails, Gin & Tonic and Barefood infusions waiting to be discovered by you.

So, dear foodies: Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable culinary journey. The game is on!


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