Herculean advisory board: Kris Verreyken!

Kris is the Founder and Managing partner at VS&P Accountancy. Herculean chose VS&P as their accountancy office back in 2005 and their collaboration is still going strong today.

Kris got in touch with Hercules Trophy through his fledgling love Sigrid (Sigrid is Inge’s sister). Kris was immediately sold by the atmosphere when he first experienced Hercules Trophy. Since that very moment, Kris has become an unconditional fan of the concept and truly addicted to the Herculean vibe.

A couple of years later, Inge and Yves asked Kris to partner up with regards to bookkeeping and finance. Being a true fan, this was an offer Kris couldn’t refuse. In 2010, Kris was one of the early believers who decided to go along with the international part of Hercules Trophy.

Nowadays, Kris and Sigrid are happily married with 3 wonderful children, who are big Hercules fans as well. If you ask Kris to describe Hercules in a couple of words, he will tell you that it’s an awesome mix of action, fun, networking and of course family.

Kris and his family joined several international Hercules Trophy editions ranging from to Dubai, The Netherlands and several New York Hercules Trophies. Kris also joined one of the Herculean Entrepreneurs missions to New York together with company 20 entrepreneurs. All unique memories that will never be taken away from Kris. He is already looking forward to his next Herculean adventure.

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