Tactical Tuesday: What does it take to be a good Hercules team captain?

A good Hercules team captain…

Doesn’t need to be an athlete who goes to the gym every day

Is not a super hero



*    Loves to connect with people

*    Is allergic to negativity

*    Is a master in motivating his team members

*    Knows the 3 Hercules key words: safety, planning and fun

*    Represents his team with dignity and pride

*    Is a social animal

*    Knows how to create an online team identity

*    Respects personal and cultural differences

*    Has a lot of friends who vote for his team online

*    Is always in for a challenge

*    Is aware of deadlines

*    Shares his experiences on social media

*    Helps people overcome their fears and surpass their limits

*    Walks the talk

*    Loves to party (even at 9 am)!

*    Is a true Herculean

Anybody can be a Herculean captain, regardless of their age, gender, fitness level or background.

Do you have it in you?

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