Herculean COO: Roland Coppin!

Structure, planning and organization: enter Roland Coppin.

With a Master degree both in Civil Engineering and in Business Economics, you might not expect Roland to work in the sportainment industry. But Roland is so much more than his degrees.

His +16 years career at Brussels Airport Company immediately shows his versatility. First as a project manager Business Development and later as a manager Airport Regulations, he developed strong project management skills. In the last few years of his Brussels Aiport career, he was responsible for a team of 35 people in Airport Operations. This is where he learned that working with people at all levels in the organization, uniting them in a common goal and building a real team was his strength as people manager.

Roland has a true passion for sports. That’s why he completed a one year Expert Class in Professional SportManagement in 2010. Beginning of 2016, he decided to make a drastic career change. He brought his technical project management skills, strong people skills and passion for sports together in a new job and started working full time for Herculean. Being a Hercules Trophy participant in 12 (!) Hercules editions, he knew this was exactly the company he wanted to work for. Now he is responsible for organizing Hercules Trophies and projects from A to Z, making sure that everyone can fully enjoy the fun and excitement of these fantastic events.

Roland loves being outdoors; in his free time you’ll find him in the swimming pool, on his bike or in his hiking shoes, no matter what the weather looks like. Although he takes his work very seriously, he likes to joke around and use his sense of humor to connect with people. Exactly the spirit we want for a Herculean! And his Personality Type? Personality Type 1, without a doubt.

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