Herculean Advisory Board: Lode Peeters

Lode Peeters is the CEO and co-founder of Tobania, a premium ICT services and solutions provider in Belgium, as a result of a merger between TOBIUS and SAGA Consulting Group. Tobania is an ambitious, fast growing company making a revenue of about 60 mio EUR in services only. Tobania employs more than 550 IT specialists.

People is what this company differentiates and what Lode realy cares about. That’s the reason why he incorporated the “Triple Win”, meaning his consultant also has to win in every deal that’s made. Teaming, collaboration, competence development and success are key values in his strategy.

Lode is a strong believer of Herculean because they share the same vision about growing people. He participated in many editions of the Hercules Trophy and is the only person up to this day, who participated in all 3 continents where Hercules Trophy is organised (Europe, UAE, USA). That’s the reason why we can call him a true superfan and Herculean ambassador. This year he already sponsors more than 15 teams, with their supporters, to realize fun games and a great after-party. Of course being a true ambassador, Lode and his team will participate at the first Hercules Trophy in Antwerp on May 21,2016. Lode has joined the Herculean Advisory Board since September 2014.

Compete against Lode and prove you can beat the superfan, or come and cheer for the Tobanians at the first Hercules Trophy in Antwerp.

Find out more about Lode here.

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