Inspire you – inspire me

In the past years of coaching several companies I noticed in some departments the risee of natural leaders and inspirational people during tough moments.

Corporate or team values are important for each one of us and especially to get a good focus on team spirit.

Therefore I challenge each one of you to inspire yourself by seeking a quote that you think will help you and your team walk that extra mile.

You don’t have to invent new ones, just go for what catches your attention at a certain moment in you life or day.

And …dare to post it at your work place.

I saw quotes on the whiteboard, the kitchen and even in the toilet. Whatever you find suitable.

Then take a picture and post it using hashtags like e.g. #inspireme,#yourcompany.



Or this one taken at a learning and personal evolution centre ;



As you can see, no fancy pics or revolutionary quotes. Let’s just find out instead  what is moving people in companies all over the world. The Hercules Academy can be your companion along the way.

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  1. Geraldine Huybrechts says:

    Loved this article! #justpure #backtoessentialism

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