Hire and fire…by values

In a company that truly manages by its values, there’s only one boss- the company’s values” – Ken Blanchard.

We recently made a proposal for a bank’s new Value Programme. While we were working on the proposal, we questioned ourselves and our organisation of how much we walk the talk ourselves. It turns out that, in the end, we always come back to the same HR policy: Hire and fire on values. No matter how beautiful a candidate’s resume or in-depth specific knowledge. If a co-worker doesn’t have the intrinsic herculean personality, he or she simply won’t fit within our organisation.

Our CEO Yves Vekemans wrote a blogpost about it: Hire and fire…by values.

At Herculean, we try to repeat our mantra, values and believes as much as we can:

  • Our Mantra: Dream – Team – Focus – Network
  • Our believes: WOW – Open Communication – Cheer
  • Our values: find them here

Based on the mixed reactions we receive on this statement, it’s clear that it goes too far for some people. However, I would kindly like to invite you to rethink of why there’s a match amongst specific organisations and certain people and why there sometimes isn’t. As long as individual goals and corporate goals are in line, the relationship will not be questioned.

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