6 little ways to burn calories at work

You’ve heard that a desk job leads to weight gain, but this bad rap can be beat. Lose weight at the office with these 7 sneaky fat-burning tips.

  1. Get fit on the phone.Plan walk-and-talk meetings.
    Instead of sitting down at a table, take a brainstorming stroll with a colleague. If you need to keep notes, book a distant conference room.
  2. Get fit on the phone.
    Stand up to double your calories burned while you chat. Pace or march in place and you can blast about 225 calories for every hour you rack up throughout the day.
  3. Use a small glass for more refills
    You’ll boost your step count getting up for refills and bathroom breaks. Bonus plateau-breaker: Use the facilities on a different floor.
  4. Ditch your trash can.
    Use trash and recycling bins on the other side of the building to increase your step count and fat burning potential.
  5. Start “email-free Fridays.”
    Walk messages to colleagues as much as possible. The habit may stick the rest of the week, helping you lose weight faster.
  6. Find fitness buddies.
    Challenge co-workers to a friendly step-count competition. Wear pedometers to see how much you walk in a week.

More information about your health on www.functionaltraining.net

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