Daman Hercules Trophy builds excitement as more labours are announced

Press release Dubai 6 January:

Battle your way through this year’s Daman Hercules Trophy UAE inter-company team building, sporting event taking place in The Sevens Stadium on the 7th February 2015. Participants of this year’s team-building day will have the opportunity to Race with camels, test themselves in Fencing or Quad biking and try a game of Bubble Soccer among many other challenges.

Aside from showcasing unique and fun labours that no other teambuilding day has, Hercules Trophy also brings networking that sets this event in a class of its own. “We are not just a team building day,” Yves Vekemans, President and CEO of Hercules Trophy announced. “We are a sport and entertainment experience that results in team building within a company and networking between companies.”

The labours or activities that participants compete in are unique, something they may not have the opportunity to do elsewhere. Attractive to people of all fitness levels, the Trophy has something for everyone while also living up to the Dubai mantra…bigger is better.

All it takes to participate and form a team is at least 7 motivated people who want to have outrageous fun and you don’t have to be an athlete to participate.

From the opening pumping up ceremony, all participants get to do the Hercules dance and participate in the flag ceremony.

The event involves quality, healthy food and music to give the event the fun vibe. Families and supporters come along and there are even challenges for the kids.

fencing Eliminator


The event is finished off with a fabulous award ceremony and party.

Team Al Futtaim have this to say about the event, “ What a great day this was. Besides the seamless organisation of it all what truly made a difference was the extraordinary enthusiasm of all the team players, and this unique blend of so many different cultures. This is truly Dubai at its best”.

All 12 labours have been announced, each one a little crazier than the other. To give teams a bit of an idea what they can expect and prepare for, here’s a guide to the announced labours.

Camel Pole Race Daman Hercules Trophy organizers will have teams competing for points by racing camels, but will be given a handicap in order not to make it too easy on the teams.

FlipIt – Participants will step into a cargo container-sized inflatable cube and teams need to attempt to flip this cube as many times as possible within 2 minutes.

Quads– 2 people per team will work together to drive a desert buggy then around obstacles and be given tasks before they pass on the buggy to their team mates.

Other Labours include fun and interesting variations on: Fencing, Eliminator, Kart Building, Bubble Soccer, Cyclo Karts, Truck Pulling, Abami Challenge, Fitness Boxing and the Adventure HQ Challenge.

quads Flipit kartbuildingFitnessBoxing

Entries are now heating up with only a month to go. The organisers are aiming for 100 teams this year. Many companies such as DHL, Microsoft, Gulf Finance, 7 DAYS, Atkins, Dubai Aluminium, Atlantis, Omnicom, Biz Events, Landmark Leisure, Wild Wadi and many more are entering so join forces and take on the Herculean challenge.

There are a couple of labours still up for grabs including the CEO Challenge which is very popular. Companies who are already sponsoring include title sponsor Daman, ARN with Dubai Eye and Hit FM, Move One, Adventure HQ, Coca Cola, Arabian Expedition, Bubble Soccer, Abami, Canadian Specialist Hospital, Herald Land, Fit4 Business, Promoseven Sports Marketing, Golds Gym, Kodak Alaris, Lee Hurford Boxing Academy, Noviplus, Sharing Box, Sphere and Synergy.

abami adventureHQChallenge bubblesoccer truckpulling


Entries are now hotting up with only a month to go and teams are already starting to develop their team strategy’s and songs for a day out to be remembered. Daman Hercules Trophy will once again be a family friendly event. Participants are encouraged to bring along their family and partners, with plenty of activities waiting for them at The Sevens Stadium. The little ones can even help out and earn points by participating in the Junior Hercules Trophy.

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