Winners Crunch Hercules Trophy

Here are the results of the Crunch Hercules Trophy 2014:

  • Winner of the competition: Metlife’s Da Champs!
  • Runner-Up: The “Q” Kids from Quidsi
  • Number 3: Team Serge from The Belgians are Coming
  • Coolest Team: Zodiac’s The Inflatables
  • Best Team Picture: BizBashers! from BizBash
  • Kindest Company: Zodiac Evacuation Systems
  • Kindest Team: Team Ares from FusionApps
  • Fair Play Team:Team 1 from Wafels & Dinges
  • Smartest Team:The Inflatables from Zodiac
  • Pétanque: MetLife


The total ranking is to be found on the website, under the Competition Section. However, the ranking of your team is irrelevant, as long as you feel proud, happy and herculean!

THANK YOU to all participants and Hercules Trophy partners. We hope you had a great time and hope you’llbe back next year!

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