6 final Herculean labours US

On October 10th, +300 business people will compete each other at Liberty State Park in 12 challenges that are accessible to all fitness levels. Gokarting, Sabre, Nascar tire change, Highland games, Trikke race and Truck pulling were already announced. The final 6 are:

  • Human Catapultdiscgolf
  • Sbyke
  • Pétanque
  • Giant Kubb
  • Disc Golf
  • Brain Labour

“Our goal is to connect people through the universal language of sport. For the past 15 years, we have provided a great mix of challenging activities. Anybody at the office can join in a team and will come back with lifetime experiences to share.” says Yves Vekemans, Founder and President of Hercules Trophy International. “That’s one of the core strengths you can not find in any other race, corporate challenge or teambuilding activity.

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  1. Kim Storozhuk says:

    I love the idea of connecting people through some fun competitive sports! It is always nice to receive a company prize at the end of the tournament too. Fly Discs can help you customize dsic golf discs with your company logo or anything you would want to put on the disc golf trophy prize!


    1. ingevanbelle says:

      Hi Kim! Nice. Could you send us a price on info@herculestrophy.com please?

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