Taking a 20-minute walk every day can transform your approach to work

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh state that taking a walk through green spaces can lessen your brain fatigue, and scientists have long found that exposure to the sun can alleviate feelings of sluggishness and boost productivity.

Fast Company‘s executive editor Noah Robischon and leadership editor Kathleen Davis took on the challenge by clearing space in their calendar every day during the afternoon lull.

Compared to sitting, scientists say that any form of walking could increase creative thinking by about 60%. So Noah and Kathleen decided to take a notebook and pen with them.

While taking frequent breaks from our desks is essential to our well-being, they concluded after their challenges that a simple 20-minute walk in the afternoon helps to restore focus, enlighten creativity en reduce stress.

One single problem. You got to have the power to reserve some free time in your daily agenda. Are you willing to do so?

At Herculean, when we organize internal meetings, we try to do them while we’re walking. Obviously, it’s not always possible from a practical point of view. But we try to do at least 1 “walking meeting” per day. From our experience, the world looks completely different after our walk:brain

  • You feel more connected with your colleagues
  • Issues/challenges look less difficult to overcome
  • Meetings are shorter, more efficient and more open
  • Ideas come to you spontaneously

Give it a try and think about how much time and energy you win by investing those 20 minutes. It will soon become an addiction.

Read the Fast Company article here.

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