Corporate and academic support for our companies’ wellbeing

This week, the Hercules Academy is  invited to a Round Table Conference with corporate leaders to talk about the importance of investments in employee wellbeing.

More and more companies like Ikea, Interbrew, De Post, ABN AMRO, Colruyt group, Torfs and BNP Paribas Fortis are getting involved and develop to be leaders in this social “wave”.

We are very proud that our work is well appreciated and finds his way as a multi-disciplinary solution for this topic that is more and more on the minds of the leading companies and social psychologists.

Participants to this Conference will be John Stoefs (CEO BOKIAU Insurance), Lode Peeters (Tobius), ABN AMRO represented by Linda Herbots and Piet den Boer, as well as Leen Roelandts (Chief Happiness at Modis Belgium, an Adecco company).

Prof.DR. Elke Van Hoof, will comment after the conference on the article.

This November, the Hercules Academy is invited to the Federal Parliament Workgroup on Prevention of Depression and Burnout.

We will keep on supporting all co-workers and management to be happy in their work and private life. “Happy people, Happy employees”.

Check out our academy mission and comment to this corporate wellbeing topic.

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