Festival of Corporate Sports?

To understand how Hercules Trophy became an authority in the subject of “Employer Branding” and organizational behavior, we need to elaborate on the natural evolution of our brand.

Since we started the Hercules Trophy in 1999, we gradually came to the conclusion that companies didn’t only participate for the teambuilding effect, but used our event for other purposes.

At Hercules Trophy we offer business people a platform, where they can be the Star of the day, whatever their cultural background or level of fitness. That feeling is what we call Herculean.

From the continuous feedback we learnt that the main drivers for organizations to join the Hercules Trophy were the following:

  • corporate branding
  • employer branding
  • do some good in the world
  • informal networking with other market players
  • have fun with like-minded people, families and spectators included

Our customers started using our platform as a Festival of Corporate Sport – as Corporate Sportainment in a natural, spontaneous way. We listen to what our audience wants and never stopped innovating our platform. Isn’t that how great companies grow: by responding to their employees and customers?



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