Safmarine in Munich, Germany

Safmarine is back!

Olympic Park, Munich, 28 June.

Safmarine and Hercules Trophy have a long tradition together, starting in 2001. After a few years of absence, Safmarine returns to celebrate a great year and to strengthen the team spirit.

At the heart of the Olympic Park in Munich, Safmarine teams from all corners of the world will come together in an atmosphere of pure fun and camaraderie. Exciting team activities have organised locally in April at the different Safmarine branches. The winners of the local selection will go to Munich.

A Safmarine team will consist of 2 different clusters and will be cheered by Safmarine supporters from local offices. By cheering for their teams, the supporters will add extra pointsfor their Munich team. A special Award will be given to the most cheerful supporting team!

Safmariners: get ready for some serious fun, because together we go places!

Hashtags:#SafGP3 and #htrophy.

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