Herculean coach? The winning teams!

23 April was the day on which the participating companies of Hercules Trophy Belgium had the opportunity to win one of our Herculean Coaches.

After some hard deliberation the coaches (Gella, Sabine, Serge, Leo and Piet) made their final choice!

So here are the lucky teams and their coaches! Congratulations and kick some ass at the Hercules Trophy Belgium!

Gella Vandecaveye:
Saturday 14/06 –> Ferranti
Sunday 15/06 –> Philips Light Gallery

Sabine Appelmans:
Saturday 14/06 –> Adviesbureau Dirk De Groof
Sunday 15/06 –> Hubo

Serge Haubourdin:
Saturday 14/06 –> Melexis
Sunday 15/06 –> Vacature

Leo van der Elst:
Saturday 14/06 –> Siemens
Zondag 15/06 –> ORFIT

Piet den Boer:
Saturday 14/06 –> ABN AMRO Private Banking
Sunday 15/06 –> Univeg



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