Healthcare Trophy

Are you the best Healthcare team in Belgium?

HICT and Hercules Trophy are proud to present Healthcare Trophy on 15th June 2014 at De Nekker in Mechelen.

The ultimate goal? To connect different key healthcare players in Belgium via an unforgettable Festival of sport and entertainment. Through a unique combination of sports competition, informal networking and camaraderie, we give all health related companies (be it hospitals, care and revalidation institutions, pharmaceutical companies, biotech, health insurance or health related ICT companies) the opportunity to get to know each other in a new, revolutionary way. The good news is that you donโ€™t need to be sporty to participate; everybody can join.

Forget the typical, classic team building formulas and open yourself to a Herculean experience together with your colleagues, family and business partners. Itโ€™s the very first time that the healthcare sector will be united in such a friendly atmosphere, with sports accessible to all levels, quality catering all day long, CEO track, Hercules Kids and an unforgettable party (probably the best party of the year!).

Follow the example of ZOL Genk, UZ Leuven, UZ Brussel, Sint-Andries Ziekenhuis Tielt and plenty of doctors and register your teams. Early bird reductions if you register before the end of December.

Thomas from UZ Leuven: “The connection you build with your colleagues is simply amazing, and that only after one day.”

Bruno from Pfizer Belgium: “If you still would hesitate to join, Stop hesitating, Just do it! It’s really great!!!”

Ludwig from AZ Sint-Lucas: “A day you look back to with very warm feelings.”

Natalie from bvba Dr. Jeff Koerber: “I came, I saw and.. I’LL COME BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!”

Jan from HICT: “I’m a fan for life! Hercules Trophy is indeed the coolest corporate challenge on the planet.

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