Retaildetail Hercules Trophy

The Belgian Hercules Trophy edition on 15th June will be dedicated to the Healthcare and Retail sector. The main question on that day will be: “Who has the best Retail and Healthcare team in Belgium?

Hercules Trophy will be organized together with Retail Detail, the leading magazine and communication portal for retailers in Belgium and The Netherlands. The Retail Detail Hercules Trophy was launched during the prestigious Retail Detail Night on 28th November at San Marco Village, in attendance of +1,000 CEO’s and Managing Directors. Leading retailers like Ikea, JBC, Brantano (MacIntosh Group) have registered their teams.

Their CEO’s are now challenging the entire Belgian Retail sector in a unique video message  to compete against each other in a fun and sporty way. The ultimate goal is to decide what teams are the best in having fun, building a team, doing sports, networking and having the coolest brand.

We wish the Retail teams all the best in this Herculean challenge on 15th June. At Hercules Trophy, all participants are heroes.

Want more information? Contact us, visit the website or read the flyer.


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