Hercules Trophy Belgium joins forces with Beyond the Moon

As from 2014, Beyond the Moon will be linked to Hercules Trophy Belgium as the company’s preferred charity.

Prior to the Hercules Trophy weekend in Mechelen (on 13, 14 and 15/06/2014), the business teams will be actively encouraged to organise a fundraising action in aid of Beyond the Moon, with as ultimate goal the winning of the “Kindest Team” award. Moreover, the Herculix Foundation will annually contribute with a gift and other initiatives.

Through Hercules Trophy Belgium, Beyond the Moon gets the opportunity to stir up the importance of CSR within companies, allowing their staff to get involved in a team building activity or a marketing-related action in favour of our charity. We give hope, energy and joy to families with a sick child – possibly coming from the neighbourhood of these companies. Hence, we make everyone’s support very tangible and transparent.” says Pascale Somers, Manager & Co-Founder of Beyond the Moon.

In 2014, we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary. We were looking for a new social project that suits our event. Beyond the Moon immediately appealed to us. Not only because of the real difference that this organisation makes in the lives of families with a sick child, but also because of the passion and dedication of the people behind the organisation. We look forward to the synergy between us as a result of our cooperation. On behalf of the Foundation, we hope to give Beyond the Moon maximum visibility amongst the participating companies. We would be only too happy to inspire our community of fans to make a contribution to this charity, along with Hercules Trophy Belgium“, says Inge Van Belle, Co-founder Hercules Trophy International and President of the Herculix Foundation.

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