Rankings ICT Trophy 2012

If we have to describe the ICT Trophy in Belgium on 23rd June, then we would say: it wasfantastic.

The atmosphere, the weather, the challenges, the number of participants,…: all parameters were perfect to have one of the best Hercules Trophies ever. Almost 160 teams of 5 to 7 participants competed against each other in a friendly, fun and safe environment. The competition was won by BNP Paribas Fortis, with the team called Bank Vooruit. Oracle Belgium’s team Tiem Wan came out second, and the Ordina: Reservoir Dogs from Ordina Belgium won the bronze medal. Congratulations!

The Hercules Trophy is so much more than a sports competition, which is shown through the numerous other prizes. The Navengers from Young & Partners won the Coolest Team Competition. The prize for the Best Team Picture went to The Online Cookies from Thomas Cook Belgium Ecommerce (brilliant picture, by the way!). The Fairplay team was GSI Printing’s Winners in Black. The best petanque CxO’s are the CxO’s from PeopleWare . Great performance guys!

Have a look at the total ranking, or at the photo albums on our website to see more. The survey has been sent to all participants. Thank you for the great feedback! If you have other suggestions or a superb idea for a Hercules labour, feel free to contact us. We are currently preparing the South African, Dutch and American Trophies at full speed. And, though we must admit that we miss you already, we are full of ideas for a new Belgian season 2013!

Have a Herculean summer and see you soon!

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