21-22 June: Deloitte organizes B1 Trophy

On 21 and 22 June, the City of Mechelen, Belgium, will be filled with the blue and green colours of Deloitte. During these 2 days, more than 400 consultants from Deloitte will have their annualB1 event in Mechelen, on the Hercules Trophy premises.

The program will be filled with presentations, an awesome party and a private Hercules Trophy in De Nekker and De Nekkerhal! Although Deloitte has been a Hercules Trophy customer for many years and in several countries, it’s the first time that they will organize their B1 event with us.

The B1 event will be called the B1 Trophy. The emphasis is on Team Spirit, Business, Sportand Fun. Everybody at the office can join the event, regardless of age, fitness or gender.

We are very honored that Deloitte has chosen Hercules Trophy as their partner for their B1 event. We look forward to welcoming the Deloitte consultants on 21 June!

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