Final 4 labours BE

Curious about the last 4 labours?

Here they are:

  • Floating Survival
  • Canoe
  • Truck Pull
  • Pole Soccer

This means that you can now choose yourjoker. This is the labour you are best at. You will earn extra points if you actually win that labour!

How to earn extra points?

If you want to earn even more extra points, you’d better complete your team online with:

  • your team name
  • an original slogan (how hard can it be?)
  • team picture with the players on it (best picture gets a prize)
  • favourite song of your team (no, you won’t actually have to sing it)
  • joker
  • the teams (up to 3) you challenge

The How To Prepare document will help you to prepare your team. And if you feel lost, read our FAQ!

So you think you’re cool

The coolest team competition has started. Check out “Who’s there” and select “Coolest Team”. You’ll see. You can only compete if you have a teampicture. Ask your colleagues and friends to vote for your team. Send them the URL from your team page or post it on Facebook. Fake e-mail addresses won’t work as people need to confirm their vote through a confirmation e-mail. The Coolest Team wins… a cool prize!


Bring your colleagues and family to the Trophy! Entrance is free if they pre-register on the website (Click Supporter in the orange submenu). If your supporters want to order lunch, snack or dinner, ask your contact person to order it in the web shop (2 options: pay cash or invoice).

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