Next 4 labours announced in BE

Go on, buy that fancy party dress, do some work-outs and make sure you book a babysitter. Get prepared: It’s almost Hercules Trophy time! Whether it’s your first or your tenth time, the Hercules Trophy will give you a fantastic experience, once again!

We hope you feel the positive Hercules vibes at your desk and look forward to meet you at one of this year’s Trophies!

Next 4 labours

  • Bumper ball
  • Kickbike
  • Table Football
  • Tchoukball


That’s a lot of balls, isn’t it?



Supporters get free access to the Nekker domain and the party, but have to pre-register on the website.

Click Let’s Connect, and then Supporter on the website. Don’t forget to order the catering for the supporters (day and evening part) if they plan to eat with you at the Trophy!


Edit your team

Have you filled in your team players yet? Find an original slogan, team picture and name, choose your song and challenge other competing teams. The extra pre-event bonus points and the team challenges will make the difference in the end ranking. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… This document will help you to prepare your team.

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