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The Hercules team

+200 teams already subscribed!

Over 200 teams have already subscribed for the several Trophies this year.

As a reminder, these are the dates: 29th May (HR Talent Trophy), 5th June (ICT), 12th June (Airport), 19th June (Maritime), 26th June (Open Healthy Trophy). Don’t miss them, you might regret it for the rest of your life.

More value for your money

A team now consists of 4 to 7 players. No distinction any more between spare and regular players. Every labour is still performed by 4 persons. So don’t accept any excuses from “non-sporty people”!

Hercules Trophy conquers the world

Hercules Trophy will be organised in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) in September 2010. We are also in final negotiations with Hong Kong! Other Hercules countries are Spain, France, Dubai and South Africa.

Business idea: challenge your competitor!

You can also defeat your competitors on the Hercules battlefield. Be bold and challenge them to join the competition!

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